Daisy Hobson lives her whole life online. But when her social media obsession causes her to make a catastrophic mistake at work, Daisy finds her life going into free-fall . . . 

Her sister Rosie thinks she has the answer to all of Daisy’s problems – a digital detox in a remote cottage in Cumbria. Soon, too, Daisy a welcome distraction there in Jack, the rugged man-next-door.

But can Daisy, a London girl, ever really settle into life in a tiny, isolated village? 

And, more importantly, can she survive without her phone? 

Firstly a huge thank you to Emily at bonnier books for my proof copy. I absolutely adore Annas books so I was over the moon .

Ironically the time I read this my phone had broken and I had limited access to the usual …social media etc… the things we don’t realise we are addicted to!!

So I could relate to daisy somewhat and on a more serious note for my own sanity I occasionally check out for a while to invest in myself without sharing to the world .

So with no phone and my son at his drama club I had the perfect opportunity to enjoy this book. You can get so much more reading done when not checking a phone every 10 min or so.

This has everything, wit, warmth, men and the bonds we have with others that make us who we are .

Daisy rediscovers who she is when she isn’t being her online persona she’s got so used to being. 

What are her dreams and goals? 

Where does she see herself in the future ?

These are all questions she wasn’t aware she had until she put her phone down .

I loved this book which as always is written with Anna’s fresh voice of fiction .

Great characters especially the men and the adventures that they present to daisy and her sister .

It’s a hilarious read with a dash of old fashioned romance in a modern world 

I wish Anna every success with this book !

Published e book 7th December and paperback 28th December 

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