Lake Como, Italy, New Year’s Eve. The perfect place to fall in love? Or the perfect place for everything to fall apart?

‘Utterly romantic’ Adele Parks, bestselling author of The Image of You

Lucy may have suffered her fair share of bad men, but now she has Pete. Finally, a man worth sharing her favourite place with, Lake Como. That’s if she can put mysterious phone calls and glamorous ex-girlfriends out of her mind.

Taggie is rushed off her feet, but distraction is exactly what she needs to forget why she fled England and the sadness she left behind. She certainly doesn’t have time for infuriating stranger Marco. A man is the last thing she needs right now.

Lucy and Taggie might not know it, but their lives are about to collide. The New Year might begin with fireworks – but how will it end

Firstly a huge thank you to Sarah at penguin for my proof copy especially as I didn’t know I was getting it!! 

I adore Isabelles books and each of her book reviews have ignited me to swoon and praise her.

With 4 books to her name and more to come she has quickly set her place as one of my favourite writers. I don’t need to know the title or the blurb to know I will LOVE it!

With each of her books we also get the added bonus of travelling as each one is set in different beautiful locations.

The place we met is located in Italy. .lake como to be precise.  So it’s like you get a vacation while reading …perfect escapism .

I devoured this in the bath which as a mum of 2 is as far as I manage to escape to but that’s the beauty of reading we get that luxury from turning pages.

A good writer manages to evoke all those feelings and senses from their use of language and really setting the scene.  Isabelle does this and so much more .

We have 2 leading ladies each very different but each finding who they are and to love themselves.

When life brings them together it’s not just the new year fireworks causing explosions.

I did see quite early on the direction it was going but this did not effect my enjoyment in any way.

Incredibly written and we’ll thought out .

Published on 30th November 


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