Blog tour bad sister Sam Carrington 

BAD SISTER blog tour.pngFirstly a big thank you to Avon for my copy to review.

I’m delighted to be on the tour.

Following the success of her debut there’s always anticipation to how a authors next book will do

Well this exceeded any of my expectations and was devoured in a few hours.

I couldn’t put it down!!

Harrowing choking but so addictive.

I find the profession of psychology and counselling fascinating and have studied this area a great deal over the years .

This book looks deeply at human behaviour , nature /nurture. ..can people change after doing something bad ?

Full of twists and turns make this a excellent book in the psychological thriller genre.

Now for a sneak peak!


She’d told DI Wade that she wouldn’t be of any help – past the fact she’d written a report twenty months ago – but they felt that as she ‘knew’ Eric Hargreaves, he might have disclosed something from his background, associates that could be critical in the inves¬tigation. Why couldn’t any of the other psychologists from Baymead help with their enquiries? And there were other employees from the offending behaviour programmes department that’d had dealings with Ricky. They had access to her report, her notes and emails. The police didn’t need her. Not really. Why were they so keen for her to be involved? So they had a scapegoat if things didn’t go their way? She’d been that before; she wasn’t willing to be one again.

How much weight were they giving the discovery of her name on Ricky’s hand? Did they think it was related to his murder or just a coincidence? They obviously had to follow any lead, and a name on the body was bound to need investigating, particularly when that name had been instrumental in the prisoner’s previous release. Although they seemed to have found that out very quickly, given she’d changed her name since then.
The words from last night’s report spiked her memory. An inside source. DI Wade and DS Mack had known about her past with Ricky before she’d mentioned it, so someone must’ve jumped right in and told them. Did the police think she was involved in Ricky’s murder? Some kind of revenge attack, payback for messing her life up? Surely not. Maybe they were concerned that the murderer had put her name on Ricky’s hand as a warning and that was why they were so keen to pay her a visit. Admittedly, she’d had a flash of panic that it was a sign that she was ‘next’ as soon as she saw the picture of Ricky’s hand, but she’d dismissed that as paranoia. It was too subtle, and by all accounts, the person who killed Hargreaves was far from that. No, it didn’t fit. There had to be a different reason her name had been found on a dead man.



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