They say it’s all in her head. 

She knows it’s not. 

Hannah had a normal life-a loving husband, a good job .

Until she did something shocking .

Now she’s in a psychiatric clinic.  It should be a safe place.  But patients keep dying .

The doctors say it’s suicide.  Hannah knows they are lying .

Can she make anyone believe her before the killer strikes again ?

Firstly a huge thank you to Rebecca for 
my proof copy. I may have squealed I was that excited to read it.

I absolutely love Tammy Cohens books so it’s always exciting to read a new release.

This lady has a dark mind ! 

Recently I’ve seen some TV psychological thrillers that I’ve said have felt similar to her writing.  

As someone who openly admits to having mental health issues this is a subject very close to me.

This has a very suffocating tense feel to it as you know not is all it seems .

People are hiding their true colours. ..but who?

Vulnerable women are opening up in the belief and faith that they are in safe hands . Are they??

Can these patients recover ? 

What has happened to get these women here and what does the future hold.

Suicides are happening and questions are being asked. 

Tamar Cohen at her best… making the reader question everything and feel scared to turn the page…


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