When was the last time you put yourself first ?

Thirty eight years old divorcee courtney Downey has no idea who she is any more. She has devoted her life to bringing up her beloved 15 year old daughter Susan,  but Courtney JUstinov doesn’t get the celebrity -obsessed,  Snapchat -filtered teenage world Susan is part of ,and they’re growing apart. When Susan announces she wants to live with her dad and his new younger girlfriend,  Courtney us debates.  But could the end of one life be the beginning of another?  

When Courtney is offered a job in beautiful sun kissed Cornwall,  she and her vivacious best friend claire follow their hearts and leave their problems behind for a summer of sand ,sea and second chances. And when she meets sexy but infuriating builder Tony,  Courtney rediscovers her passions for life, for cooking and for love. 

But just as courtney is folloeorinally looking forward to the future, and crisis with Susan pulast her back to Dublin,and back into old habits . Will she ever be able to let go of the past and embrace the importance of being herself? 

Firstly a big thank you to lina at black and whire publishing for my copy. I have not read any of this authors books but after reading this I would love to!

I could relate a lot to Courtney being a single mum and questioning who she is etc.

Raising a teenage daughter is tough whatever the situation.  However having to share her with a cool dad and step mum is the final straw. 

This is a funny book with great charactars set in a idealsick location.

Courtney starts to live for herself and get that zest for life again .

Could she really be happy? 

Or will her commitments pull her back. 

Really enjoyed this book and was cheering her on.

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