She always trusted her husband.

Until he died.

Clara Solberg’s world shatters when her husband and four-year-old daughter are in a car crash, killing Nick while Maisie is remarkably unharmed.

But when Maisie starts having nightmares, Clara becomes obsessed that Nick’s death was far more than just an accident.

Who wanted Nick dead? And, more importantly, why? Clara will stop at nothing to find out the truth – even if it makes her question whether her entire marriage has been a lie…

Firstly a big thank you to the HQ team for sending me a copy to review . I have been a huge fan of Marys books since her debut The good girl. She knows how to write a cracking read thats for sure!

I was instantly hooked into this story told in alternate narratives and in the before and after . We know Nick is not all he appeared to be to his wife and we discover more and more about his secrets.  

This is packed full of tension and will make you turning the pages as quick as you can. Just like Clara you begin to suspect everybody ? who is telling the truth ? who can you trust?

Not only has the family got to deal with the grief and loss of someone they loved but also there appears to be some unanswered questions that Clara endeavors to explore and investigate .

Mary has been able to capture the emotions expertly that both Maisie and Clara would have been feeling not just about the accident but also with a new baby in the family.  

Incredibly dark and you can almost feel the paranoia and anxiety Clara is feeling off the pages .

Chilling and compelling this is a psychological thriller at its very best .




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