‘Does anyone else out there feel like me?’

Robin Wilde is an awesome single mum. She’s great at her job. Her best friend Lacey and bonkers Auntie Kath love her and little Lyla to the moon and back. From the outside, everything looks just fine.

But Robin has a secret.

Behind the mask she carefully applies every day, things sometimes feel . . . grey. And lonely. She struggles to fit in with the school mum crew. Online dating is despair-inducing, and how can she give her little girl the very best when, honestly, some days it’s hard to find a clean pair of knickers?

After 4 years (and 2 months, and 24 days) of single-mum-dom, Robin realises it’s time to get out there and Change. Her. Life.

A little courage and creativity go a long way, and exciting new opportunities are soon on the horizon – maybe even a man, maybe the chance of a lifetime . . .

Will Robin seize the possibilities she creates for herself? And what surprises does her life have in store if she does?

Fresh, feel-good and very funny, this book will make you feel fantastic, just for being you.

Firstly a huge thanks to Emily at Bonnier books for sending me a proof copy … I may or may not have squealed when I received it .

I have been a huge fan of Louise or as she can be more commonly known …sprinkle of glitter for a good few years now . I had the honour of reviewing her non fiction book back in 2015.  I admire her and respect her not only as a woman but as  a mum . Well after reading her debut novel this level of respect and admiration has only grown!!! discovering she can write just is the cherry on the top 🙂

I devoured this within 3 hours and that included walking my dog and getting my son to bed .it was one of those books you read standing up speedily turning the pages.

This was everything and more I could have expected .

Robin Wilde …wow what a woman and a character. The perfect leading lady with the right amount of imperfections . She is a single mum who is trying to find her inner sparkle again and we follow her on her adventures to do this .

This  is a fantastic read full of wit and warmth and it is hilarious . The expression lol is so needed for this book and one part in particular …. you will know it when you get there …. two words online dating ….

While reading it I found myself hearing Louises voice and felt so involved in the story.

I could relate to Robin in so many ways and I want to thank Louise for creating  a character im sure many mums will identify too .

I am  a single mum who has battled my own form of emptiness and i felt that Louise captured it really well . She showed its ok to not always be ok ..yet still love your children .

The relationship between mother and daughter was realistic and i imagine louise drew from her own experieces with Darcy .

This book is real and genuine and you can tell how much Louise has invested into her characters .

When I finished I felt empowered not only for robin but also for myself … this lifted my spirits,my self belief and my sparkle.

Great charactars ,fantastic storyline and addictive reading makes this a top hit for your summer read of 2017.


I would like to wish Louise every success with her book baby and also her other baby that she recently shared her news on. I for one cant wait to see what other stories she will be creating .

Published 29th June











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