For as long as she can remember , Jemma has been planning the perfect honeymoon. 

A fortnight’s retreat to a five star resort in the Maldives,  complete with luxury villas, personal butlers and absolute privacy. 

It should be paradise.  But it’d turned into a nightmare.

Because the man Jemmy married a week ago has just disappreed  from the island without a trace. And now her perfect new life is vanishing just as quickly before her eyes .

After everything they’ve been through together how can this be happening?  I’d there anyone on the island who Jemma can trust?  And above all where has her husband gone?

Firstly a big thank you to Sarah at penguin for my copy.  I’ve been a huge fan of tinas books and had pleasure of Meeting her around  the time her debut book was published.

This is a author that definitely grows with each book .

The honeymoon is everything and more you can expect from this author but also from the best selling in this genre. 

This narrative leaves you not knowing who is telling the truth .

Told from different timelines and towards the end different narratives keeping you on your toes.

You feel like you know which direction the story is going but I don’t think there will be many if any that will crack the case.

Jemma is a complex character and I found her difficult to trust at times .

Fast paced with twists and turns making this a very unpredictable read that will have the reader hooked from start to finish !!

Where could her husband vanished to?? 

And are people who they ever seem to be?

A story of love ,betrayl ,guilt and a lot of mystery .

An excellent book and perfect for those summer holidays. .

Published 1st June 

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