Are you ready for an adventure?

Hannah Hodges certainly is. And so when she is offered the opportunity to spend a month filming in a magical Andalusian village on the south east coast of Spain,she grabs it.  Andalusia was where she spent a large part of her youth; made so many of her memories and her mistakes. 

But this time it is going to be perfect. Because she is not only going with her best friend, Tom,but also with her gorgeous boss,Theo. And this unforgettable place is the perfect location to make Theo finally fall under her spell.

Except  HannahS past is everywhere she looks, Tom is acting increasingly distant,and bed half sister appears determined to ruin everything.  Again .

Hannah has just a month in paradise to secure the happy future she knows is waiting for her. Will Andalusia work its magic ? And will that future look exactly as she always thought it would? 

Well anyone who had read my reviews will know I adored this lady’s first 2 books so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her new adventure . Firstly can i say how much admiration I have for Isabelle for producing so many books quickly but also each book is uniquely magical. She is a writing machine! !

Each book she writes promises to whisk you away to far off lands .

Her writing captivates you straight away and you can almost imagine being there on location. 

This is a book about finding yourself and making dreams come true .

It is funny, sexy and perfect escapism. 

Sometimes we think we know what we want and have all the anewers but do we??

This explores friendships, relationships and family.

The bonds we have with people that make us who we are but what happens if we begin to question those ?

I loved loved it and again shed a tear at the end. 

If you are yet to read one of her books well I urge you to !! 

Perfect summer reading and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection.

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