John  sagan is a forgettable man. You could pass him in the street without noticing he’s there. But then that’s why he’s so dangerous. 

A torturer for hire , Sagan has terrorised -and mutilated -countless victims.  And now he’s on the move .DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg  must chase the trail,even when it leads him to his hometown of Bradburn -a place he never thought he’d set foot in again. 

But Sagan isn’t the only problem.  Bradburn is being terrorised by a lone killer who burns his victims to death . And with the victims chosen seemingly at random ,no one knows who will be next . Least of all Heck….

Firstly thank you to Helena at Avon for my copy .

I’ve only read one other of Paul books strangers ,loved that so was interested to read more of his work . Despite this technically being a series with the lead being Heck , I found it easy to follow and enjoyable .

Very dark and gory in some places .

Full of action and fast paced which I love!

Heck is a complex character that’s for sure and just from reading one book I warmed to him. 

The clock is ticking for both Heck and his team but also for the next victim .

An excellent crime writer that packs a punch with each chapter. You can tell he knows his stuff and leaves the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more . 

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