Life as any chancer knows ,is 10%planning , 10% design and 80% totally winging it…

So join Emma George as she guides you through ..

How not to become accidentally knocked up at the age of 27…

How not to unceremoniously dump the father of your child ….

And then how not to lose the job that (even though you hate it) is the only thing between you and being homeless. …

Along the way discover that …

Even though your mother is perpetually vexed by your life choices ,she loves you really …

Having a doberman owning ,handicam -wielding, felony obsessed octegenerian as a neighbour is not as awful as it sounds ….

Sometimes just sometimes ,your bossy younger sister might actually be right…

Firstly a huge thank you to SJ at books and the city for this copy.

This is already without doubt one of my best reads of 2017!

This book is bloody hilarious  , I was literally laughing out loud.

I adore so many characters , Emma is just brilliant and is so witty .  Her mum is a legend and her new friend /lodger is just the tonic we all need when finding ourselves in a sticky spot. .. 

Similar tone with excellent comedy gold to kirsty Greenwood .

Excellent new voice in women’s fiction and the perfect antitode to a tough week.

This will make you laugh and smile ,an all round feel good read.

For those feeling like it’s always them with the bad luck  …take comfort in meeting Emma and going on a whirlwind of a journey .

Really recommend and cannot wait to read more from this hilarious author.

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