Ravine and Marianne were best friends. They practiced handstands together , raced slugs ,and looked up at the stars and imagined their own constellations. And then, one day , marianne disappeared. 

Ten years later,  ravine lies in bed in her mother’s council flat ,plagued by chronic pain syndrome,  writing down the things she remembers.  As her words fill page after page ,she begins to understand that the only way to conquer her pain is to confront the horrors of her past.

Firstly a huge thank you to Becky at  Transworld for my copy to review.

The cover really is striking and intrigued me to delve in.

This is a quirky read but dealing with real and emotional issues.

A story of friendship ,family and loss. This is real life and real issues and you find Ravine easy to connect with .

As a woman who suffers with a invisible illness i could relate and you will be cheering her on as she starts to question her life and where to go next on the scary journey called…LIFE .

With each page we learn more about all the characters that have left a important imprint on Ravine and who she is today.

Shes only 18 but i got a real sense of someone with a very wise head on young shoulders .

Shes been hurt ,disappointed and confused and this explores how she deals with all that pain .

Really enjoyed this sensitive portrayl into the troubled teenage mind ,also i loved the insight into another culture and how different families run..

A fresh and exciting voice and a author to watch out for .

published 15th june


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