Bonnie brookland is trapped in a mundane, loveless marriage, but when she finds a new job in an antiques shop called the pot of gold,she realises the time has come to break away from her husband Stephen and find some happiness for herself. Even though leaving him could very possibly destroy her in the process because Stephen has an ace card up his sleeve to stop her going and he’s determined to play it.

Two years after a near fatal illness, Lewis Harley has swapped the fast lane to live his dream running the pot of gold. He has a big house, a flash car,a beautiful wife,wealth, but the things that will make Lewis truly happy are not up for sale.

When things get tough, the pot of gold provides a safe haven for Lew and Bonnie ,and with every day that passes they find they have more in common with each other than just a passion for treasures. Will Bonnie find her inner strength and become the true queen of wishful thinking that her mother always hoped she would be? 

Firstly a huge heartfelt thank you to the books and the city team for sending me a proof copy . I couldn’t wait to get stuck in .

 Wow what a book !!

This is a emotional and powerful read. Uplifting with a strong message but also dealing with some quite tough issues.

As a dog owner and lover I could relate to Milly’s loss and pain that is entwined within the pages.  

Any reference to a dog within the  book pulled my heartstrings  .

I couldn’t put this down once started.

A story of courage and living life !!

I have been where Bonnie has and I was cheering her on to find her inner strength and believe in herself.

This is a story about self worth and not settling for anything less than you deserve . Also a reminder that we only get one life, go for those dreams and be happy.

I loved everything about it and is going to be a huge success but you may need a tissue if your as soppy as me!

Published in hardback 9th march 

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