Ellen Tyson is living the perfect village life in Boswells.  But when her stepdaughter moves in ,her fragile idyll is fractured . At seventeen,  anna bell is surly,withdrawn ,and adamant that she isn’t and never will be part of her fathers second family . As Ellen battles with anna bell ,new tensions arise with her husband Alex, shattering the happiness she’d once so carelessly enjoyed. 

Then Ellen finds a death certificate from the 1870s hidden under the floorboards ,and its few stark lined awaken a curiosity in her. Ellen tries to involve anna bell in her search for answers.  But as they dig deeper into the circumstances of Sarah mills untimely death,truths both poignant and shocking come to light -about the present as well as the past. 

Firstly thank you to lion Hudson for my review copy. 

This is a real gem of a book .

I enjoyed everything about it. From the alternative chapters of past and present to the family in turmoil. 

This deals with real issues that are on going in modern society. 

Touching on issues that are important and relevant to me made me really warm to this authors writing. 

A story of family ,love and strength .

An excellent read .

Published 17th February 


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