If you could change the past would you?

It is only after her mothers death that Luna discovers the secrets she has been hiding for thirty years.

Now she and her sister must travel to their mothers childhood home and settle her affairs.

But In Brooklyn something impossible happensto Luna.

She finds herself in 1977 ,face to face with her mother as a young woman ,in the week that changed her life forever .

To save a life would you sacrifice your own?

Firstly thank you to Tessa at ebury publishing for my very exclusive 
copy to review 

I was so excited and honoured to see my name on the page thank you. There are times in my life I question my role and importance and seeing that made my spirt lift .

Everyone will know I’m a huge Rowan fan after reading the memory book a few years ago.

Since then we have regularly communicated via social media and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her as a writer and a woman .

Upon hearing the premise of this book I was really enticed as a fan of doctor who and romance…this ticks those boxes.

It’s magical fresh clever and so emotive.

Beautifully written which is what all of Rowans readers already know.

But this book she’s extended her writing in a more magical creative way and you as the reader are believing every word.

As someone who battles mental illness I could relate to many of the characters .

This is a story about what if?

Why and how?

Given the opportunity to change things would you ? And at what cost ?

Prepare to be whisked away to America for this love story with a difference .

This is a book every reader wants to do it justice by reviewing … Its beautiful special magical…go read 

Published 29th june


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