Every teenager threatens to run away. Slamming her  aunts door , Rhiannon assumes someone from the village will spot her,will call her back. But no one comes.

Having reached dyrys wood,hurt drives her not to return . The woods will be her home . But how will she survive?                            

 Struggling in isolation against harsh conditions, Rhiannon’s imagination takes flight .she lives in a world of stories-stories that Maebh ,the village storyteller has  been telling Rhiannon since the death of her mother. 

Back in the small welsh village the fragile balance of community life begins to crack under the strain of Rhiannon’s disappearance. A dark truth,suppressed for a generation,starts to surface. Maybe Maebhs stories are not just stories after all.

Firstly thank you to lion fiction for my copy to review.

A almost fairy world tale of 2 separate communities 

This is the tale of a frustated teenager lashing out to be heard and respected .

What lengths will she go to ,to makes  a stand ?who will she hurt and what truths will be revealed? About who she is but also those around her.

For me this didn’t quite hook my attention enough to enjoy fully.

Maybe it was the language and style in certain parts. Often felt very unbelievable especially as a mum.

However there were parts in Rhiannon I cud relate to , she has questions that need answered .she is determined and strong.

A story of courage determation and self belief .

Published 17th February



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