Hello and today I am delighted to be taking part in this blog tour for this fantastically disturbing debut.

I reviewed this just after Christmas and today I am pleased to be able to entice you with a extract from The book and the wonderful mind of Helen fields.

Perfect remains was published 26th January and I know has been flying  off the shelves.


On a remote highland mountain ,the body of Elaine Buxton is burning. All that will be left to identify the respected lawyer are her teeth and a fragment of clothing.

In the concealed back room of a house in Edinburgh,the real Elaine Buxton screams into the darkness.

Detective inspector Luc Callanach has barely set foot   in his new office when Elaine’s missing persons case is escalated to a murder investigation. Having left behind a promising career at intepol,he’s eager to prove himself to his new team . But Edinburgh he discovers is a long way from Lyon ,and Elaine’s killer has covered his tracks with meticulous care.

Its not long before another successful woman is abducted from her doorstep,and callanach finds himself in a race against the clock. Or so he believes …the real fate of the women wikl prove more twisted than his could have ever imagined.

My review 

Firstly a huge thank you to the fabulous Avon team for my review copy . My attention had been caught upon reading the first email about the book.

This is huge gory ,twisted and dark but above all its addictive reading .

Within the first few chapters I was hooked and knew this was going to be a excellent read.

The chapters are short so you are speeding through before you know it. As a reader you are dying to know which way you are being taken .

Excellent charactars ,gory with twists and turns .

The book Is told in alternate narratives and I always feel this adds excitement and a fresh feel to the storyline.

We are able to get a glance into a very dark mimnd and I often gasped out loud with disgust!!

I couldn’t put it down and I guarantee this to be one of the best In. It’s genre of 2017

I cannot wait  to read more in this series and wish Helen every success !

And now for the extract …happy reading and do check out the rest of  blog tour .

The head of the department of philosophy had called king into her office not five minutes after he’d returned to work . she might at least have let him clear his backlog. After three weeks away, the accumulation was frustrating . could no one have covered his duties while he was away?  He may not really hasve been sick, but his colleagues didn’t know that, did they? Not one call to offer sympathy or concerm. And this morning the other administrative staff hadn’t even asked him about iit. This was the way it had always been ,no reason to expect anything better at this point. Was it intimidation Or jealously ,he wondered as he deliberately delayed by making tea,keeping Natasha or professor forge as she insisted he call her ,waiting just a few minutes more.

By the time King opened her door, she was taking a telephone call and raised her forefinger as if he was a wayward student,keeping him still and quiet while she finished her business. Natasha was wearing a dark green suit that emphasized her Hazel eyes and ash blond hair . King hated the way she made him feel . even though he couldn’t bear to be I’m  her company these date ,there was no escaping her beauty . he admired her long slender neck ,withy skin that would have flattered a woman.

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