Cass Wheeler – a British singer song writer hugely successful since the early 70s whose sudden disappearance from the music world three decades later has been the subject of intense speculation among her fans-is in the studio that adjourns her home, taking a journey back into her past. Her task is to choose sixteen Songs from among the hundreds she has written since her early teens, for a uniquely personal record,describing the arc of her life through song.

It has been over a decade since Cass last put out an album;  ten years since a tragedy catapulted her into a breakdown. In the course of this one day -both ordinary and extraordinary-each song cass plays sets off  chain of memories, leading us deep into her past ,and into the creative impulse that has underpinned her work. 

Firstly thanks to Rebecca for sending Me a copy to review.

I was delighted and felt incredibly honoured especially after loving Laura’s debut book. That became a best seller no less ” versions of us” back in 2015.

Well this book didn’t disappoint . Laura is a exceptional and talented storyteller.

This is a sensitive thought provoking story and I adored the original concept of weaving the lyrics iinto the pages. This made the story and character that much richer.

I could relate to Cass in many ways ,her life wasn’t plain sailing from abandonment issues from her mother to finding love in a volatile marriage.

Cass is a strong courageous woman and that is what shines through.

A layered book which unravels to reveal the darker truths .

Grief anguish and turmoil sent Cass to hell and back and from someone who’s been there I admire how well and genuine this was portrayed.

Quirky fresh and original…. This looks set to be a summer blockbuster.

Published 15th June 



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