When the past comes calling ,who can you trust?


The Calder family seems to have it all. Until the day Adrian Calder takes a gun and shoots his wife and children dead.

It looks like an open and shut case,but PC Lucy Davies isn’t convinced .


A sleeper agent in Moscow demands an urgent meeting with Dan Forrester ,but when Dans cover is blown he finds he finds himself  on his own

Discovering that their cases are linked Dan and Lucy desperately race to find answers, but they soon realise that their lives arent the only ones in danger.

But how do you protect your family when you don’t know who is hunting them?

Firstly thank you to Emily for my copy to review.

I hadn’t read any  books from this author ,as a book blogger it’s great to be given many opportunities to read different voices.

I was absolutely hooked reading this 

Full of action ,drama,deceit and fast paced.

The characters were all brilliant!

From the main characters right down to the huge dog protecting dans family, they each play a vital role in the story coming together.

The rhythm and flow of each chapter is smooth and before you know it you have devoured half the book.

Packed of suspense and moments when as the reader you are frantically trying to crack the case .


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