A vulnerable young woman,fresh out of the care system, is trying to discover the truth behind the sudden death of her best friend.

The charred body of a policeman-currently the subject of an internal investigation- is found in the burnt out shell of his car on the Southend seafront.

To DS Frank Pearson and DC Catherine Russell of the Essex police major investigation team,the two events seem unconnected. But as they Dig deeper iinto their colleagues murder,dark secrets begin to emerge.

Can Pearson and Russell solve both cases ,before more lives are destroyed?

Firstly thank you to Clara for my copy to review and having me on the blog tour.

This was a slow burner for me that didn’t quite manage to keep my attention .I felt at times there was a lot happening at once making it feel busy. There was a lot of characters each with a lot going on and I personally found it difficult to keep up.

One of the characters i connected with and would have enjoyed reading more about was Donna. she had lost her best friend and not had the easiest of lives making her actions understandable .

The opening draws you in and sets the scene

  for this gritty crime novel.

I think with it being the authors debut book he can certainly work on his flow and structure of the story,for future books.

I’ve read a lot in this genre in recent months so just wasn’t quite enough to wet my appetite but still a dark gritty story .

Still a very tense book and look forward to reading more from this author. 


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