Discover a unique funny and moving debut that will make you laugh, cry and smile.

Meet thirty something dad Alex.

He loves his wife Jody, but has forgotten how to show it. He loves his son but doesn’t understand him. Something has to change and it starts with him.

Meet eight year old sam

Beautiful,surprising, autistic.  To him ,the world is a puzzle he can’t solve on his own.

When Sam starts to play Minecraft, it opens up a place where Alec and sam Begin to rediscover both themselves and each other….?

A boy  made of blocks is a beautiful,funny and uplifting story of family and love inspired by the authors own experiences with his son.

I reviewed this last year when it first came out in hardback but was overjoyed to be asked to be on the blog tour celebrating it’s paperback publication.

This is a book that I will always treasure and look forward to oy being welcomed into new homes so without further ado here’s my thoughts ….

Firstly a huge thanks for my copy and also to the author for writing this book. Not just as a reader  but as a mum to two children on the autistic spectrum.

You have written a masterpiece and I for one will be praising this and recommending to everyone. Not just those in the loop but hose who maybe want a better understanding of what it can be like .

Your book is real ,raw and genuine .

Its funny,emotional and there were times I was rrsdonh about my son Lincoln so I had to close the book.

I cried,laughed and smiled.

You have not focused on the negative nor the spectacular wonder of the autistic brain. What you have done is write about the real life that happens despite having a special needs child. Family life is hard as I know only too well.

I think many readers will appreciate how we see the struggles a male had and not just I’m the role as a dad.

We watch both Alex and Sam grow together but also as individuals.

This book is beautiful and will be treasured.

Thank you for showing autistic children can be funny kind and emphatic….despite what some believe.

A brilliant story written with love and compassion.


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