Biddy weir is a quirky girl.

Abandoned by her her mother as a baby , and with a father who’s not quite equipped for  the challenges of modern parenting , Biddy lives in her own little world , happy to pass her time painting by the sea and watching the birds go by .

That is until she meets Alison Fleming .

Because there are a few things about Biddy that aren’t normal , you see . And Alison isn’t afraid to point them out to the world .

All of a sudden , Biddys quiet life is thrown into turmoil . If only there was someone to convince her that, actudlky everyone’s  a little bit weird ….

Firstly thank you to Emily at twenty seven books for this beautiful book.

I am writing this review a hour after finishing and I just need to express my absolute love for it.

I started this today and couldn’t stop reading at every available moment.

This is a book that demands to be read and felt .

Biddy weir will be a character that will stay with me very close to my heart .

I congratulate this author on creating nothing less than a masterpiece . 

I felt like she was my daughter my friend and even myself at times.

It is only with age and time that we all learn to accept who we are and even then it’s not always easy . This is a powerful emotional account of a teenager who is labelled different .

Growing up is hard …  I found it hard and I have found it hard watching my daughter grow up.

I’ve had a difficult few years surrounding the whole growing up period with my daughter and experienced painful times.

Through Lesley’s writing I was able to get a glance into my daughters mind surrounding certain issues …thank you !

This book is quirky sensitive sad but often funny .

Simple pleasures can be huge for Biddy and you can’t help but smile as we read her story .

A amazing read that made me cry gasp but smile at everything that made biddy her. Also remember what makes me , me … and that we are all a little weird .


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