On the night BErnadette finally has the courage to tell her domineering husband she’s leaving ,he doesn’t come home. Neither does Connor ,the little boy she’s befriended for the past five years . Also missing is his lifebook,the only thing that holds the answers . Bernadette must face her own past ,her husbands secrets and a future she never dared imagine in order to find them all .

Exquisitely written and deeply touching , the mountain in my shoe is both a gripping psychological thriller and a powerful and emotive examination of the meaning of family … and just how far we’re willing to go for the people we love .

Firstly thank you to karen for sending me a copy to review .

Also for putting my quote in the front of the book, that was such a surprise to see!

I could not wait to read this after loving her debut book . Seeing lots of bloggers praise for it on twitter too .

There were times I could easily have been reading about my life .

I have been in a difficult marriage and been in care so these were huge aspects of my life and identity to relate to .

Louise sure knows how to write ! She will take you on s rollercoaster of emotions reading this book . 

Reading from connors lifebook was so thought provoking and emotional .

Louise wrote that with great sensitivity and warmth .

This is not a easy read but it’s. Important one . For those who have had no experience or knowledge of the care system this will be a eye opener .

I thank Louise for writing this book and it’s one that will stay with me .

A book about courage we have in difficult times and friendship and love .

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