Can you keep s secret ?  Your life depends on it ……

Bridget Reid has a secret , one that could get her killed ….. if she can escape the man who is keeping her locked in a basement bedroom.

Ds Imogen grey is good at keeping secrets – truths shed never rebeAl to her colleagues at Exeter police. She’s worked hard to get to where she is – she nearly died for it. Now her past is catching up with her… As DS Grey and her partner Adrian miles search for Bridget , they uncover a terrifying web of abuse, betrayal and murder. And they realise some secrets are better left buried …

Firstly thank you to the brilliant Helena at avon for sending me a copy to review .

This has definitely been one of the most anticipated books amongst the book blogging world .

So as like all the others I felt incredibly lucky to get a early copy 

Katerina  certainly left her mark in the book world and charts with her debut the teacher .

Since releasing that earlier in the year I regularly communicate with her on twitter and usually in the form of gifs …what a invention

The secret is the hugely anticipated follow up and second in ds Imogen grey series.

Well Katerina has done it again !

She has created a beautiful dark twisted masterpiece ..which if I’m right is what she wanted.

Her writing is addictive and easy to  get your teeth into .

This is a layered book which as it unravels leaves you shocked and thinking woah….

This is fast paced and if you take your eyes off the ball you may miss something relevant to the case

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

It was quite unnerving to read that estelle got killed straight away ..estelle is my daughters name so that certainly got my attention . 

As we start to learn the truth and head towards the end of the book you are left wanting more and answers which will be answered in her next book! 

What a tease. She is ….

KATERINA is a fantastic fresh voice in world of crime fiction and I look forward to seeing her books flying off the shelves .



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