img_2505Adrianna is just 14 years old when she is forced to leave everything she loves behind .

Experienced foster carer Casey Watson is used to caring for children from broken families but when teenager Adrianna arrives on her doorstep with no possessions ,no English and no explanation of how she came to be there, Casey finds herself struggling to make sense of the situation .

It will be a few weeks before she starts getting the shocking answers to her questions As she discovers the terrible truth about this runaway girl and the dark place she’s managed to escape from.

But even as she frantically attempts to protect her caseys terrified this frightened girl will run away again ….

Firstly thank you to Jasmine from Harper Collins for sending me a copy to review. 

I am a huge fan of caseys books so was delighted to be able to read.

Despite her books clearly being about hard times and  enotional reading parts her books are always such a joy to read. I love how we are always welcomed into her home and family and over the years you get to know them as much as the foster kids.

Casey sounds like such a inspirational warm kind and caring woman and I can honestly say I reckon those kids she cares for will thank her . Through caseys loving home environment and being non judgmental and supportive she is able to provide shelter and respite for children who may not have had that.

Another reason why I’ve loved her books and relate so much is through my own personal experience as a child.

This story sees Casey build Adrianna up nurture her until she’s ready to fly her own wings. There’s a lot at stake for this teenager and she’s experienced things that make you shudder. But despite this harrowing start to her life she is a girl with a spark and hope for her future. Casey and her family are able to assist in making this a reality … but will it be enough? …

As always a inspirational account of hope ,love and care.

As a adult I would like to say thank you to those like Casey who dedicate their time and energy into providing homes and hugs for these children. It was me once and some of my happiest memories are from time spent in my long term foster home .

We can take for granted that each child is loved,fed and nurtured.

Reading books like this will enable people who haven’t had the insight to see what it can be like. 

Also how not all foster kids are naughty etc which is the case of Adrianna . These are children who just need some reassurance  and hope .

Keep the books coming 😀

This is published tomorrow October 20th 

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