Lucy has been desperate for a new heart for as long as she can remember . But getting that call to say a donor has been found will be a bittersweet relief: because for her to live , someone must die.

Julia, Helen and phoebe  have been friends for all their lives ,through Helen’s unexpected pregnancy ,the sudden death of phoebes mother ,and Julia’s desperation to conceive with her much younger husband . Yet a deep friendship can hide many secrets , and as their relationship reaches crisis point ,what has long been buried is going to come bubbling to the surface .

I picked this up by chance in the library yesterday as I had left my book at home …mistake !

I read this within the day and loved it .

Amanda writes about issues that are thought-provoking and real .

This is a book filled with complex characters and you kind of know early on that the fate of one of them isn’t great . Through the story we get to know these charactars and their personal journeys and battles .

The story is layered and we unveil the layers to reveal the truth in more ways than one.

I was riveted and compelled by these characters in particular phoebe who has had a tough start to life and is still trying to find her own identity .

A book about family ,friends ,secrets and a big debate of whats right and wrong ? ands is it that black and white .



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