Discover a unique funny and moving debut that will make you laugh ,cry and smile .

Meet thirty something dad Alex 

He loves his wife jody ,but has forgotten how to show it . He loves his son but doesn’t understand him. Something has to change and it starts with him.

Meet eight year old Sam.

Beautiful ,surprising  ,autistic 

To him the world is a puzzle he can’t solve on his own .

But when Sam starts to play minecraft ,it opens up a place where Alex and Sam begin to re discover both themselves ,and each other …can one fragmented family put themselves back together ,one piece at a time? 
Firstly a huge thanks to Kirsteen for sending me a proof copy . Apologies in my delay in reading .

I also want to say thank you to the author for writing this book not only as a reader but also as a mum to two autistic children .

You have written a masterpiece and I for one will be praising this and recommending to everyone .Not just to those in the loop but those who maybe want a better understanding of what it can be like .

Your book is real raw and genuine 

It’s funny emotional and there were times I was reading about my son Lincoln so I had to close the book .

I cried smiled and laughed .

You have not focused on the negative nor the spectacular wonder of the autistic brain . What you have done is write about the real life that happens despite having a special needs child or not .Family life is hard I know full well myself .

I think many readers will appreciate how we see the struggles a male had not just in his role as a dad . 

We watch both Alex and Sam grow together but also as individuals .

This book is beautiful and I will treasure it .

Thank you for also showing that autistic children can be funny kind and empathic …despite what some people believe .

A brilliant story that has been written with love and compassion .


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