The affair

So if you follow me on social media you will have seen me raving about this series .

Well i have outdone myself by watching 2seasons in 2days!

The kids are away so don’t worry they havnt been neglected .

I have devoured this programme and feel like I have the characters embedded into my soul .

From the soundtrack to the sandy beaches .

I will now experience a withdrawal substation as I emerge back into society doing other things !

This is a story of 2 marriages ,2 families and the events of 1 summer .

It is told from different narratives which offers the viewer insights into each charactar .

I absolutely loved every episode and couldn’t stop watching .

I was transfixed especially with Alison played by Ruth Wilson . I find her very captivating whether it’s just her mouth her endless number of floaty dresses or the fragility we get to witness.

I have always believed in being faithful so this is a fascinating concept for me to watch .

But it’s more than just a affair it’s the psychological impact on everyone involved .

Season 2 we see how others involved have been affected especially the wounded parties and children .

This is addictive viewing with characters unraveling and not always in a good way !

Though whaf makes a good man which is something Noah is questioning ? 

Good and bad .. Evil and (what is the opposite) lol 

I found myself gasping many times and mesmired by the sex…so much sex .

One thing that I felt was a running prominent theme was the question of identity and what do I want …

When we meet Noah in season 1 episode 1 he is a very different man to the one we leave in season 2 episode 12.

We all make mistakes in life and I love how this programme highlights how choices can lead to mistakes and the aftermath .

I can’t wait for this to return though I will find it hard watching a episode a week !!! 

If you love scandal drama confliction and did j mention the sex ??!!! Then you must watch this 

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