Emmy bridges has landed the opportunity of a lifetime.

What could be better than three months working for a winemaker in the rolling vineyards of France?

It certainly makes a change from organising office collections to buy gifts for colleagues weddings and babies . Especially when there won’t be one for Emmy any time soon . It’s just hard to bring home a man when your sixty five year old dad is up watching pointless with a Horlick .

But as Emmy copes with ambitious co workers and amorous advances ,she will realise that the very best and most unexpected things happen when you trust your instincts .

It’s time to let go of the past and finally start living .

Firstly thank you to headline books for my review copy ,apologies in my delay in reading .

I have been a very lucky blogger and been able to read advance copies of jos previous books . They are both beautiful and excellent summer reads. So I was delighted to get my hands on this !

I whizzed through it and yet again I was transported to the location of the story .  This is because Jo has a magical ability to create a world you step into .

Again she has created a wide range of fantastic characters and ones you can’t help fall in love with or dislike…

This is perfect escapism and a story of taking risks and new beginnings .

Emmie is facing a scary but exciting new challenge but is she the right woman for the job? 

She needs to start looking inside and ask what do I want in life .??

Isacc is a swoon worthy charactar who certainly riles emmie up the wrong way ..

Jo has become one of those authors that you know without even reading the blurb is going to deliver a wonderful read .

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