They say every marriage has its secrets.

But no one sees what happens behind closed doors .

And sometimes those doors should never be opened ….
Sal and Charlie are married.They love each other .But they aren’t happy .Sal cannot leave ,no matter what Charlie does-no matter how much it hurts .

I have been dying to read this book after seeing so much praise for it.

Firstly I cannot believe this is Lisa halls debut book . This has got to be one of the best books I have ever read !! This will leave you shocked speechless and makes for a chilling read!

I have messaged lisa to express my thoughts on her excellent writing . Also my thanks for writing about a subject very close to my heart .  There were times where it was so close to home for me but it is so important to read and talk about these subjects .

I read this in record time  and I know this will stay with me for a long time .

This book is shocking chilling haunting but very real and happening .

I can’t give too much away but just know you will be gobsmacked . Everything you think you know will be shattered .

Addictive dark superbly written and I cannot wait to get my hands on her future books .

Definitely a writer to watch .


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