Dear me

You are going to feel pain and hurt …you have been here before remember ?  Feeling like that pain will never fade … It did and so shal this .

You wouldn’t be you …wonderful quirky emotional sensitive you who wears her guard high but dropped it for what she thought was a good thing .

And yes it may have been a good thing for more …

But remember that knot in your stomach ,that sense of unease ,that feeling you know you can’t live by.

Not being enough .

Question that always because you have worked so hard to believe in yourself and be proud !

You are a strong woman a mum a friend intelligent loyal and your accept  you have flaws .

You achieved so much before him and you will achieve so much after ! 

Nothing is permanent except your love for your children and yourself

Yes you are going to have bad moments and memories and miss him and what he offered you .

You are human .we all want and need affection and love .

But at what cost?

Remember that feeling of second guessing and questioning yourself ??!!! 

Right now getting into bed by 9.30 knowing he’s out there probable not thinking of you and having to let your son down.

You have done the hardest part now ….

Tom is a new day but don’t be angry if you cry and feel …..everything and anything .

You don’t know what the future brings ?

But you was brace and bold to face it even if facing it single 

Because you cared enough about you to stand up and speak up!!!

You walked out of a marriage ….this is a walk in park !!

Remember your good qualities and take time to allow them to shine again .

You will be ok I promise.

Love from me xx

4 comments on “Dear me

  1. Dear you,I have no doubt that you have achieved so much and do the best you can for the people that surround you.However it might be better to get a more balanced view of someone walking out on their life.That one selfish act leaves ripples like a pebble in a pond.The pain,the unanswered questions,the worry,the emptiness and the disbelief hit hard and last a long time.Time heals they say,and it does, but it leaves a sad feeling that is always there in your life.Also like ripples on a pond other people are affected and loose a little bit of themselves and never really recover.Happy memories fade,voices,smiles thoughts and feelings disappear out of your mind and leave you in a different place than you thought you would be.So spare a thought for the people who are left behind in a kind of limbo when you walk, its not so simple as you might think and you do not see what you leave in your wake.No one is all bad..I hope your life is better and that you get some kind of peace. Me

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