When Roisin returned home from France to the seaside village of Ballyshore heartbroken, she threw herself into fulfilling her lifelong dream of running her own artisan café. Five years on, her love life is still on ice but Nourriture, her café and delicatessen, is thriving.

Then, on her thirtieth birthday, instead of the annual card from her birth mother, a woman she’s never met, Roisin receives a letter signed with love, which turns her world upside down.

While she absorbs the contents of the letter, her adoptive mum Keeley grows increasingly worried that its arrival will raise questions about the secret she’s been hiding from Roisin for years. A secret only one other person knows….

Firstly a big thanks to  Frances at Headline for sending me a beautiful review copy.

I couldn’t wait to start as I have absolutely adored Emmas previous books especially The secrets we share which was released last year .

Her writing beautifully captures the importance of family and love and creates characters which are easy to love and connect with.

This story was a emotive powerful one foe me as I’m adopted so could understand some of the feelings Roisin was having .

There are other storylines happening alongside Roisin’s which makes for excellent reading to escape to .

I adored Rob who was a gentleman and romantic but equally liv who is struggling in her own way and her character was raw and honest .Emma portrayed the truth that parenting can be hard despite how much we love our children .

Yet again another beautiful piece of fiction from this talented writer .



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