Lizzy lives with her father, Julian, and her brother, Ig, in North London. Two years ago her mother died, leaving a family bereft by her absence and a house still filled with her things: for Margaret was lively, beautiful, fun, loving; she kept the family together. So Lizzy thinks. Then, one day, Lizzy finds a letter from a stranger to her father, and discovers he has another child. Lizzy invites her into their world in an act of outraged defiance. Almost immediately, she realises her mistake.

Look at Me is a deft exploration of family, grief, and the delicate balance between moving forward and not quite being able to leave someone behind. It is an acute portrayal of how familial upheaval can cause misunderstanding and madness, damaging those you love most.

Firstly thanks to Georgina for sending me a copy to review .Il be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect as the cover and blurb didn’t reveal much but this leads to an even more intriguing read.

I whizzed through this read and it was a delight and pleasure to read .

Very quirky settings and characters but ultimately some serious storylines .

Really enjoyed this book and the dynamics of the family especially when the new arrival comes .You can feel the tension in the house through the pages and you can sense things will not end well ! The new family member behaves quite odd and really disrupts the harmony of the family .

Its dark and suffocating in some parts ,light and breezy in others .

It is quite a dysfunctional family but what’s a functional family these days but it certainly adds to the entertainment value of this book .

A enjoyable read about the aftermath of a family reunion .

Published 25h February





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