Asta’s plane touches down in Ireland as the first flakes of snow begin to settle. As the weather worsens, it turns what should be a flying visit into a snowed-in Yuletide with her chaotic family.

Asta fled her childhood village years ago, with a secret hidden deep within her. That secret is now a feisty sixteen-year-old – Kitty – who’s keen to meet her long-lost relatives. It seems there are many family mysteries waiting to be unwrapped, along with the presents under the tree…

Missing the man she left behind in London, yet drawn to a man she meets in Ireland, Asta is caught in an emotional snowstorm.

Maybe this Christmas Asta will find a cure for her long-broken heart?

I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for this beautiful Christmas book .Thank you to Francesca at PanMacmillian for sending me a  copy .

Firstly the cover is really sparkly and really eye catching which I think adds to the effect of as festive read .

I adored this book and left me feeling warm and happy which is what you want for a feel good Christmas book .

I could relate to Asta having her daughter young and then being a single mum ,you could see how much her daughter meant to her .Asta is a strong women with her guard up …another thing I could see in myself .

Shes determined to not let anyone get too close to her and especially her heart but all that is about to change and soon she seems to be drawing the attention of more than one man .

Her beckoning to return home comes in a unlikely way but its time to face some demons .

There is a twist which I didn’t see coming and was huge for Asta and her family .

But amongst the revelations and drama there is a chance of romance in the form of mysterious Jake .

Before long Asta needs to be asking where home really is now …as the saying goes home is where the heart is .

I enjoyed going on a journey with Asta not just to Ireland but also of self discovery .

Funny ,heart warming story about friendships family and giving your heart the chance to love again and be loved .

Below is the details of the blog tour 🙂

blog tour nov



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