Its been a while .

Firstly I wonder if I still know how to write ?? I have obviously been doing book reviews but haven’t blogged personally for ages and ages .So here I am.

Its Friday ,I think…. I’m confused with the days as lynx has broke up and the week has gone all weird . Its grey and cold ,I already am fed up of winter before its here …I like to delay the inevitable for as long as possible and put my winter coat on when its only necessary …well its been put on 😦  I just want to hibernate now .

And of course with the impending winter season comes the festivities of Halloween and bonfire night …. we don’t really celebrate these now  .Then its the C word …no not that one .CHRISTMAS . I am really behind this year and I will be burying my head for  a bit longer .I have got a few bits and kids have wrote their lists but I am behind ..

Before all that though we as a family are getting a new addition ,nope not a  baby as I’m not Mary and with child from immaculate conception . We are getting a puppy !!!! Excited scared overwhelmed. Pretty much like having a baby then .

of course everyone has their opinion and their words of wisdom to give  ,sometimes wanted sometimes not lol .

So much has happened in 2015 ,I now more than ever know I need to write a book .Even if it went nowhere I need it out of my head and into words . Even with all the medication and therapy the past is looming like a bad smell invading the present and more importantly the beauty of the future .

I’m not going to lie this year and all what has been happening with my daughter has broke me ,however I am being repaired and I think into a better more stronger person .I have had to reflect a lot on myself and my actions and make changes and adaptions to my attitude and family .

Anyway how am I doing ? is this formulating a worthy first blog post …is anyone reading it ?

I’m not going to go right into all the doom and gloom and what’s been shit ,some people know bits . I may at some point write more specific posts today I just wanted to write .

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m taking kids to see hotel Transylvania 2 …cant wait .

Lynx is off next week ,estelle isn’t so I will probable have some battles there . So lynx and I have some quality time before they both go away next weekend.

I have no plans yet for my time off but I know there will be sleeping….I love sleep and I have not had enough lately .My body and brain are crying out for a break and to recharge .

Be back soon….not months  🙂

p.s cudnt resist the pic

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