Book 3 in the Wild Seasons series that began with New York Times bestseller Sweet Filthy Boy. When three besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything could-and does-happen. Moving from college into the real world has never been so crazy …or fun. Let the Wild Seasons begin. In Dark Wild Night, now that they’re only friends, kissing Lola is all Oliver can think about. Trying to forget her with a wild, anonymous hookup, he’s simultaneously thrilled and torn: Is this his chance to get over her? Or will this new stranger only pull him in deeper?

Firstly a big thank you to Hayley at Simon & Schuster for sending me  a copy to review .I have heard so much about this author who is in fact the work of 2 authors combined ,yet this is my first book of theirs to read. Though after completely devouring this last night in one go I am off to buy all their books .

One word ….wow….another word ….HOT!

I absolute loved this book and the characters …Oliver is the ultimate sexy geek .Intelligent caring sensitive romantic and knows his way with a woman .

Lola struck a chord with me as I’m very similar with how she thinks and feels so I could really connect with her .

A great storyline and steamy with a capital S!

Its been a  while since I have lost myself in a hot book and this was the perfect remedy of that .

I was hooked pretty quick into reading this and could not put it down .

Their friendship /relationship is adorable yet turns intense ,you can almost feel the sexual tension while reading.

You will swoon hard and want your very own Oliver .

I can not wait to read more of their books .

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