He’ll do whatever it takes to find his missing sister.

Darren Evans was only eleven when his beloved sister Carly and four other teenage girls disappeared, sparking a huge police investigation.

Eventually, a woman confessed to their murders. But although she admitted her guilt, Olivia Duvall refused to say what had happened to those five missing girls. Or where their bodies might lie.

Ten years later, Darren’s family are still no closer to the truth. Desperate to alleviate his parents’ heartbreak, Darren gets a job as a cleaner in the psychiatric hospital where Olivia was committed, hoping he can make her tell him his sister’s fate once and for all.

But playing a killer is a very dangerous game . . .

Firstly thanks to Hodder and Bookbridgr for sending me a  copy to review .I haven’t read any of her books before and after loving this one I will now be reading her collection.

I read this in one evening as I was hooked and addicted .

This blew my mind and I had to find out the answers ,and when you get the answers its a shock .

Despite this I was a little disappointed with the ending and the direction the storyline went .

I studied psychology for may years and the human mind and behaviour does indeed fascinate me and this book delves into that aspect of how and why a person behaves a certain way .We got to enter a secure unit and into the mind of one if its inmates .

We see the damage this person has done to many .

The idea was fresh and clever and I really warmed to Darren who is a brother on a mission and will not let anything stand in his way . Despite this being a dark crime oriented book ,through Darren there is a lightness and fun brought to the pages .

Very addictive and clever and really enjoyed the flow and writing style of this author . This had me hooked to the last page.


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