Ellie Rigby isn’t holding out for a hero; she just wants a decent guy

But the promise of meeting thousands of ‘likeminded singles’ has come to nothing and she is fed up negotiating the minefield of one online dating disaster after another.

In a moment of clarity, Ellie realises that she must take matters into her own hands. Her mission? Reclaim

Cupid’s bow from soulless software and become a matchmaker. As her client list grows, Ellie becomes an expert. She knows twenty eight is the most eligible age for a women, that most relationships fail and, most of all, that it’s got to be perfect.

Until a match with one of her clients changes everything .

Firstly thanks to Cara for sending me a copy to review .

I whizzed through this and was great chick lit providing an insight into the dating world.

This is a fresh voice in this genre providing laughs and easy to relate to characters .

I have been single for ages so was particularly enjoyable read !

My only critiscm is that there were jumps in the story which left unanswered questions.

Great beach read this summer.

Published 27th august


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