In a remote Cornish cove, on one of the last days of summer, Robyn Swinton is drowning. She is saved – just – by local boy Jago Winters, and it is a moment that will change both of them forever.

Over the next seven years, Robyn and Jago’s paths lead them in different directions, to city streets and foreign shores. Will the bond forged that day Jago dragged Robyn in from the sea be strong enough to bring them back to one another, or has life already pulled them too far apart?

Firstly a big thank you to Bookbrigr for sending me a copy to review .

This is the first of her books ive read so was looking forward to reading .The cover is stunning and really sets the scene for me .

This is a beautiful story of love ,family and new beginnings . In life we have to make decisions and this book shows how they impact the rest of our future .

From the descriptive writing I felt like I was transported to the Cornish coast which is somewhere I would love to visit .We go  on  a journey with Jaygo and Robyn and at times its heartbreaking, they discover who they are and what they really want in  Iife . Missed opportunities and what ifs occur and make you self reflect .

I loved Jaygo and he has stayed with me days after finishing the book ,he was so thoughtful and caring with a sensitive soul . We start the book with him saving Robyn but by the end of the book we wonder who really saved who ?

This melted my heart and thoroughly enjoyed reading it .

Published 27th august


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