Fans of Jill Mansell, Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts and Marie Force will fall head over heels for the new Cedar Ridge series from New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis, featuring her trademark gift for humour, warmth and romance.

What do you do when you run into the man who broke your heart?

Lily’s been back in Cedar Ridge for less than ten minutes when she bumps into Aidan, the former love of her life. So much for sneaking back into town unnoticed. And thanks to frizzy hair and armfuls of junk food, she’s turning his head for all the wrong reasons.

No one knows why Lily is home after ten years, and she’s determined to stay no longer than the summer. But Cedar Ridge and Aidan have other ideas. As they set about persuading Lily to give them a second chance, she finds herself falling under the spell of the Colorado mountains … and the one man she could never forget.

Want more warm, funny romance? Visit spellbinding Lucky Harbor or experience some Animal Magnetism in Sunshine, Idaho in Jill’s other unforgettable series.

Firstly a big thanks to Bookbridgr for sending me a copy to review .Despite following each other on twitter I haven’t read any of Jills books so wasn’t sure what to expect .Il be straight up and say this exceeded my expectations so much !!

This book was hot ,Aidan was hot and Channing Tatum  was mentioned more than once ….PERFECT!

This Is the first in a new series of books ,I will most certainly  be reading the rest of the series and her other books .

I loved everything about this book  and read in one afternoon sitting in garden . I loved it that much I was sad when it finished and annoyed that Aidan  wasn’t mine …

Great storyline  and a mixture of characters ,I could really relate to  Lily .She comes into the book with frizzy hair buying junk food …me . She also has had a troubled past ,one she’s been running from and in coming back to cedar   Ridge she’s facing them demons . Her guard is up immensely and she’s determined to not let anyone in until a blast from the past appears in the form of sexy Aiden . Will she let him in and risk getting hurt ?

The chemistry between these two is incredible and you as a reader are willing them to realise what’s staring them in face.

I laughed a lot especially from char Aidans  mum who herself is getting back in the saddle much to her sons disappointment .

This book had everything for me and left me smiling 🙂 cant wait to read more .

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