A page-turning pyschological thriller with the gripping plot of GIRL ON A TRAIN and the chilling suspense of BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP …

There are three things no-one can prepare you for when your daughter is murdered:

– You are haunted by her memory day and night

– Even close friends can’t understand what you are going through.

– Only in a group with mothers of other victims can you find real comfort.

But as the bereaved parents gather to offer support in the wake of another killing, a crack appears in the group that threatens to rock their lives all over again.

Welcome to the club no one wants to join.

Today Is my turn on the blog tour and I was so thrilled to have been asked . I have loved all of her books but this one is in a league of its own .

It is very dark especially reading as a mum .Tammy captures every parents nightmare with writing that sets the tone of a disturbing psychological thriller .

Its chilling and  gets under your skin .

There are a lot of characters and at first I struggled to keep up with who is who . But then you see how vital they all are to the storyline .

We  a given a insight into a mind of  a man who is clearly very disturbed and at times made for uncomfortable reading .I was thankful that Tammy just scratched the surface with him .

I did not see the ending coming and it happened so quickly I had to go back and check what I had read .

Cleverly written and addictive as always .

Published 2nd july

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