Aloha Sprinklerinos!

Imagine you are in one of those glorious vintage shops where every surface is laden with treasure.

Cut glass, pill boxes, old cameras, pendants, chests of drawers and stacks and stacks of books. This book is like that. Each chapter is one of those gem encrusted tins that you can open, peep inside and enjoy. You can either methodically wander the entire shop, looking at each individual item in order, or, you can dance around with wild abandon, opening and closing whatever you like , whenever you like.

You can take in tiny bits of it at a time or you can devour it all in one go. I don’t mind. I don’t mind how you go about it; all that matters to me is that you take something from it.

Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love , you’ll find all my little tips and tricks, stories and insights and nuggets of advice. I want you to walk away from this book feeling uplifted. I want you to feel as though you are equipped to deal with something in your life and deal with it in the best possible, positive way. I want to show you how I find so much joy and enrichment in my life and how you can do it too, with just a Sprinkle of Glitter…Toodlepip! Xxx

I was so pleased ,shocked but most of all honoured to have been chosen to be  part of  Louises book club and receive a copy of her debut book. When I applied I did not expect to be picked because im quite a small fish in a big pond of book bloggers . Thank you!!!

Louise is one of my favourite youtubers as she is very genuine ,funny and also a mum .So I was looking forward to reading her book .

When it arrived ….signed and all glittery…could we expect any less !  Estelle my 13 year old who was so impressed and jealous that I had been given this oppornity snatched it from me and read it first. We are both bookworms and I love nothing more than seeing her hooked on a book .

She loved it and passed it back to me …its rightful owner 😉

I whizzed through it and adored it .Firstly let me say the design of the book is beautiful. So much thought and personal touches of Louise’s has gone into this book on each page .Each page is a delight to look at and read .The size of the book is really compact so It feels like a journal to stay with you . This is a book you can not only read in one go which I did but also read parts of as and when you need to.

It is funny with real life stories which shows how genuine Louise is .She doesn’t pretend to be anyone she isn’t .

It is a positive book but not patronising and even my daughter picked up on that who is going through some struggles at present. 

   I loved the quotes and colours used as it is eye catching and mood lifting . Louise Is nearly always smiling and we all need someone like that at times .

The book is broken down into sections each as great as the next with great advice ,tips and thoughts .

Louise doesn’t make out she has all the answers but that’s what makes her so likeable .Its great shes become such a success as shes a inspirational woman who wears her heart on her sleeve .  I love that she embraces who she is inside and out and I wish her every success with this book and future plans.

I must also add I have really enjoyed her vlogs in the past especially  of her and her daughter .Darcy is so cute and as a mum I feel I can relate to Louise .

There are a lot of youtubers releasing books this year ,this and Carrie fletcher’s were the only two  I was interested in as they both come across as very sincere genuine women.

I recommend this to adults and young people as there’s something for both in this book . So let the glitter on the front cover entice you to read more .

Published 2nd july


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