You think you have the perfect life.

You’re successful. Attractive. Well liked.

And you’ve just got married for the third time.

But that’s OK because everyone’s happy. Your children are happy. You’re happy.

And so is your new wife…

London, 3am: a tragic accident, and Adrian’s life starts to fall apart

Because everyone has secrets and secrets have consequences.

Some of which can be devastating.

This was my second book read today for a readathon and I couldn’t put it down …its amazing .

The majority of this book is from a mans perspective and this made a refreshing change for me as a reader as it not somewhere we get to go very often …into the mind of the opposite sex especially about personal sensitive areas .

Lisa has a rather different way of writing ive discovered and that is what makes her books so addictive .

The book has layers and is like Pandora’s box the more we open the more we unveil and secrets are exposed .

The book is full of charactars due to the many marriages and children that Adrian has had .

At first we are led to believe the family works in harmony and is all happy and roses however this is not the case.

This book is filled with mystery and you have to keep reading to find out more .

You can tell that Lisa really studies other peoples behaviours and puts that across in her charactars as you can get a really strong sense of who that character is . Her writing is strong and clever and makes you relate to the book .

We begin to see what damage has been done to the characters and at what cost and its interesting again to see that realise in  a mans point of view .

I was hooked from start to finish and look forward to her next release !!


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