This was no accident…

Haunting, compelling, this psychological thriller will have you hooked. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl and Daughter.

Best friends are there for each other through thick and thin. You trust them with your life. At least that’s what Emma, Daisy, Leanne and Al think. But all that changes when they embark on a trip of a lifetime together. When they return home, only two of them are left alive and the group has been torn apart by lies and deception.

Many years later, when the dust has settled and life has moved on, one girl receives a threatening letter. Someone knows the truth about what happened on that holiday and will stop at nothing  to expose it …

Firstly a big thank you to criminal minds on twitter for sending me a copy to review . I was so excited to receive this as I absolutely adored The accident which was released last year and was this authors first step  into the darker world of writing.

Its another  stunning cover which sets the scene of this psychological thriller .

Right I would like to start this review by saying I don’t feel I had the time to enjoy it to its potential due to every time I wen t to read something would happen or my eyes were heavy so I do think that affected my perspective on the book . With the Acident I had the oppornity to devour one sunny afternoon and I was hooked

It does make you question who you can trust in the book  when Emma starts to receive messages and strange things start happening  and I didn’t figure it out which is a sign its  been cleverly written .

It flips from present day to 5 years earlier when the event happened and theres a build up and you really get a insight into all the different characters and their relationship with Emma.

Its packed with secrets and suspense and covers a subject ive not read around that much so it was interesting and original .

It asks the question can we run away from the past when the past is chasing you ???

Who can emma trust and what old wounds are beginning to open ?

Cally is a fantastic and clever writer who does get under your skin in a menacing gripping way .

I wish her all the success with this book and roll on book 3 I say!

Published 23rd april

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