A striking literary debut of love and mortality perfect for fans of quirky, heart-wrenching fiction like Nathan Filer, David Nicholls and Rachel Joyce.

Ivo fell for her.

He fell for a girl he can’t get back.

Now he’s hoping for something.

While he waits he plays a game:

He chooses a body part and tells us its link to the past he threw away.

He tells us the story of how she found him, and how he lost her.

But he doesn’t have long.

And he still has one thing left to do

I didn’t know I was getting this or who has sent me it so thank you to those at doubleday for sending me a copy to review.

This is sensitively written about love loss and dying and its a original concept .

I thought Ivo  sounded much younger than a man in his forties and maybe that’ was the desired effect as he was reliving his years and youth in his bed . We discover bits about him through him going through the alphabet and some parts hold more relevance than others .

Its a interesting read but didn’t grab me as much as others . However a clever debut book .

published 12th march 2015

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