January happy moments

I thought it would be nice for the end of every month to write about all the moments that have made me smile .Its so easy to focus on the stress and moan etc so this is a positive post .

So January saw Estelle turn 13 and with that comes pressies party and cake .She had a amazing cake made by my sister in law ,her party was all frozen and her cousins and other family were there ..


Due to the bus strikes Estelle was off school for her birthday which was quite nice and we had quality time together at bluewater and watched The theory of everything which made me cry and was so inspiring and moving .Eddie deserves every award going for that role .

theorykids s

Earlier in the month befre the kids went back to school and the routine kicked in we went to Greenwich ,I love that place.We visisted the park the museums ,waterstoes where the kids spent their mney and vouchers .We then went to nandos which has great view of the cutty sark …does anyone else dance to nanados music/?? I amd full on embrassing mum in there !

greenwichgreenwich 2greenwich 3

With the kids back at school I started back at swimming and its feeling great ,I had months of not going regularly and I can see th impact regular exercise has .

I have also done dry January for cancer research and I must admit I do feel better for it .


So amongst the cold weather and a few January blue days theres been so many good days 🙂

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