This is a book about phobias and obsessions, isolation and dark corners. It’s about families, friendships, and carefully preserved secrets. But above everything else it’s about love. Finding love – in any of its forms – and nurturing it.

Miss Hayes has a new theory. She thinks my condition’s caused by some traumatic incident from my past I keep deep-rooted in my mind. As soon as I come clean I’ll flood out all these tears and it’ll all be ok and I won’t be scared of Them anymore. The truth is I can’t think of any single traumatic childhood incident to tell her. I mean, there are plenty of bad memories – Herb’s death, or the time I bit the hole in my tongue, or Finners Island, out on the boat with Sarah – but none of these are what caused the phobia. I’ve always had it. It’s Them. I’m just scared of Them. It’s that simple.

Thanks to bookbridgr for sending me this book to review ,the cover is stunning and certainly eye catching .

This is a debut novel so on that basis alone this book is amazing and very deeply emotive.

You really feel for Greg who we know isn’t the typical teenager and doesn’t quite fit in .

He is suffering with mental illness and I can hugely relate and I could physically feel his pain within james writing .

There was a good portrayal of how his family were avoiding the real matter of his wellbeing and also his peers would rather mock him than find out what his pain is .

James writing style and layout on page actually made my head hurt and at times was hard to concentrate but this gave the reader a greater sense of gregs discomfort .

This is a touching honest revealing account of love ,pain and coping or not coping .

Published on 15th January 2015

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