Tonight is one of those nights im feeling restless and I suppose a bit lonely.

Probablty the come down effect of such a busy emotional week .

Me and kids had a lovely chilled sunday in pjs roast dinner and films 🙂 bliss.

Just found I had my thinking head on about kids growing up Christmas etc .

Usually im very content with tv bath etc but the odd night I do feel realy single lol

Also even the kids keep talking about me meeting someone .Its been 4 years since my last serious rship and a year since any dating etc .

I think with the approach of festive season its a reminder you are single .

I am very happy single and realy too busy but occasionally I just miss having someone to chat to ,txt ,hug and laugh with.I miss being noticed for me as a woman rathr than just mum cook cleaner etc.

We don’t know what the future holds and I will continue growing as a strong woman and a mum but it would be nice to fins someone .

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