What do you do when you cant get to a appointment that potentially could tell me if I have cervical cancer .

Sat here in tears because still after 2 months after my  smear which come back abnormal I still ahvent had my colposcopy .First appointment was for hosp miles away and at 3 pm which I couldn’t do for obvious reasons .I then had absolte ball ache of rearragngin etc ,it finally had to put through as emergency to a differnet hosp .While doing this I explained about my sitation of no childcare ..for some reason it seems ok to keep asking what you have no one ?? No I don’t deal with it .

So today I received my new appointment ..yes at nearer hosp but still cant go as wont b back in time for school run .

I feel shit because all of this has made me again realise how alone I am and have no support .

If I don’t attned this one it says on letter il b referred again which will be another wait .

When you have a child with autism you cant simly leave them with anyone .He also has only been at new shool since oct so I don’t know any parents and the school has no after school childcare facilities .

I don’t know what to do .Its all very well social sevices getting involved when the ex makes allegiatins about me but when I rang them and explained this situation they couldn’t do anything .

Im worried,scared and you know what im fucked off and angry that im even in this boat .

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  1. I’m so sorry you are in this situation. I have been in the abnormal smear / colposcopy situation myself and I know how worrying and stressful it can be and that’s without an autistic child. I really feel for you, and wish the hospitals would be more understanding. After only being allowed to speak to the secretaries rather than the doctors when making calls, they are so uptight and strict by what they think their rules are, its sickening that this is what we have to put up with in stressful medical times.
    Does your local council offer any respite time? could you talk to the school and see what they could suggest? If not, perhaps a letter directly to the doctor you should be seeing explaining that the clerical staff have been unhelpful and this is your situation. After 2 months, you should really have been seen and hopefully had the all clear.
    You are a strong, fantastic mother and you could really use a bit of luck on your side. I’m wishing you all the best of luck for your colposcopy and with the staff there!
    If you need to talk or rant, just give me a tweet / mail (amandalerryn@yahoo.com).
    Good luck and stay strong. ending hugs.

  2. Getting childcare cover for kids with Autism is a nightmare. I know as both my girls have Autism.

    I had to go through the same procedure. In 2004 I got results saying abnormal smear. I feared the worst. When I went to the hospital I was told it was just to see how things were. When I got there they went did the colposcopy and then asked who drove me there. I told them I was on my own. They told me that I shouldn’t drive as I had a local injection. I had no choice but to drive home. Naughty I know.

    Don’t get me started about Social Services. They are never there when you need them and the stick there noses in when you don’t. I really hope you get something sorted hun as it’s really important that you take care of yourself too.

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