From Liane Moriarty, million copy selling author of The Husband’s Secret, comes The Last Anniversary, a captivating story laced with mystery.

‘This is your last chance to change your mind, Rose. After today we can’t go back. Ever.’

Seventy-three years have passed since sisters Rose and Connie found an abandoned baby in the only other house on their little island, Scribbly Gum. With both parents vanished without a trace, Rose and Connie made the decision to take the baby in as their own. And since then the ‘Munro Baby Mystery’ has brought them fame and fortune.

But now, with Connie dead and outsider Sophie Honeywell inheriting her home, Rose begins to wonder if they made the right decision all those years ago. With the anniversary looming, and people still trying to solve the mystery, how much longer can they cover up the lie that has sustained their little community for four generations? And what other secrets are about to be revealed?

This has been republished recently I believe and after loving all the others ive read I had to have .

I love Lianes writing,its very addictive and once you pick the book up you cant wait to find out the secret .

I did enjoy this book but not as much compared to her others .

I felt it was a bit slow at times.The big twist was clever but I did guess it was something along those lines .

The storyline I enjoyed the most was of Grace who was very clearly suffering from post natal depression this was dealt with brilliantly .I suffered with this myself so I could really relate to this character.

There are a mixed bag of charactars who each bring their own to the book .

A good read but a disappointment due to high expectations from her other books .

This is a story of lies ,family history and love .

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